What are some traits of Walt Whitman's poetic style?  

Some traits of Walt Whitman's poetic style are an emphasis on the self, an emphasis on the poet as a sort of prophet, and an emphasis on freedom.

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Walt Whitman's poetic style may be best described as innovative and unconventional. Whitman constructed his poems according to his own rules. His lines vary in length but are often quite long and are composed in free verse without standard patterns of rhythm or rhyme. His rhythms appear through his choice of language, especially the long lists he often inserts to catalog the elements of the natural world or the diversity of the American people and landscape. Further, Whitman often incorporates repetitions of key ideas and phrases (anaphora) and creates parallel structures in his poems, both of which serve for rhetorical emphasis. He even includes traditional elements like alliteration and assonance to add further flavor to his poetry.

In terms of diction , Whitman uses all kinds of different language. He incorporates everything from foreign words to slang. He also uses words from the everyday life of America. Even terms from commerce and business are fair game for Whitman as he attempts to...

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