What are some thoughtful questions about Born on a Blue Day for a book group?

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The following are some thoughtful questions that could be useful to ask during your book group:

  • What explains Daniel's attraction to prime numbers? How does his interaction with them compare to how he deals with people?
  • Daniel is what's known as an autistic savant. Do you think that his condition is in any way related to his epilepsy? Does his epilepsy perhaps cause parts of his brain to work more efficiently?
  • As with many people with autism, Daniel needs a fair amount of predictability in his life. How does the unexpected affect Daniel? How does he cope with what cannot reasonably be predicted?
  • Daniel travels to Lithuania to work as a volunteer. How was he able to adapt to life in another country given his need to have the security of a familiar environment? Are you surprised that Daniel was able to adapt to life in a different country?
  • How do Daniel and his partner Neil accommodate Daniel's condition with their relationship? If Daniel has such difficulty experiencing and identifying emotions, how is it possible for him to develop romantic feelings for Neil?
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