What are some symbols and uses of irony in "Shiloh" by Bobbie Ann Mason? Provide quotes as proof.

Symbols used in "Shiloh" include the Shiloh battlefield memorial and the unfinished house. The irony is that Leroy imagines his actions are strengthening their marriage, but his plans show that he does not understand his wife, who intends to leave him.

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In Bobbie Ann Mason’s story of a disintegrating marriage, the Shiloh battlefield that gives the story its name is one important symbol. Another key symbol is the house that Leroy wants to build but can never apply himself to finishing. The house is also connected to the story’s central irony, which concerns the disconnection between husband and wife. Because Leroy does not understand Norma Jean, his plans do not bring them closer together or resolve the problems in their marriage. Instead, his plans drive them farther apart and contribute to her decision to leave him.

Leroy and Norma Jean visit the battlefield memorial as a second...

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