What are some similarities and differences betwen Johnny and Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Similarities between Johnny and Ponyboy include their sensitivity, as Cherry and Marcia realize at the movies. Johnny and Ponyboy discuss the Frost poem. Johnny understands its meaning, telling Ponyboy in the hospital to stay gold. Johnny's saving the children when the church is ablaze also shows his sensitivity. A big difference between them is their relationship with their families. Johnny’s parents do not care about him, and his father beats him. Ponyboy’s brothers love him.

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Similarities between Johnny and Ponyboy in The Outsiders include that each boy is sensitive in his own way. When they meet Cherry and Marcia at the movies, Ponyboy and Cherry form an almost instant bond and she senses that he is not only bright, but also sensitive and insightful. She also senses that Johnny is more sensitive than he appears.

Johnny’s sensitivity is a theme that reemerges when he and Ponyboy hide out in the church and discuss the Robert Frost poem. Johnny understands what the poet is trying to say. When he is in the hospital and about to die, he tells Ponyboy to stay gold.

Moreover, Johnny wants to save the children at the church when the church is afire. In part, this is to achieve redemption for killing the Soc during the fight with the Socs, Johnny and Ponyboy. It is also because he recognizes the innocence of the children and wants to make sure that they stay safe and innocent.

A big difference between Johnny and Ponyboy is their relationship with their families....

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