What are some similarities and differences between the Great Awakening and the Age of Enlightenment?

Similarities between the Great Awakening and the Age of Enlightenment include that both contributed to the abolitionist movement and the American Revolution and that both questioned authority. Differences include that the Enlightenment focused on rationality and logic, while the Great Awakening focused on bringing people to a personal and emotional relationship with God.

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The Great Awakening was in many ways a reaction to the Age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment stressed reason and rationality over emotion, and it was an attempt to replace superstition with science. The Great Awakening (there were actually several, but the best known took place in the 1730s and then later around 1800) were movements that sought to restore emotion to religion.

During the Second Great Awakening of 1800, there was an attempt to restore the place of fervency and emotion in religion. During this time, there were widespread camp meetings that attracted people at the margins of society, including women, black people, and the poor. There was an attempt to convert followers to the importance of doing good works and to causes such as temperance and abolitionism. In many ways, the Second Great Awakening was an outgrowth of the Romantic movement and its emphasis on emotion and feeling over rationality.

The Great Awakening and the Enlightenment were similar in that they both were...

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