What are some quotes that prove Piggy's loyalty (especially toward Ralph) and his determination in Lord of the Flies?

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Ralph emerges as the leader of the group pretty quickly, but he lacks the reason that Piggy possesses. Piggy gravitates toward Ralph and supports him as the best leader, lending counsel when he can.

When Jack's group lets the fire go out just as a ship passes by (and the potential for a rescue is missed), Piggy confronts Jack:

"You didn't ought to have let that fire go out. You said you'd keep the smoke going—" (chapter 4)

Piggy is not the athletic type, and he suffers from asthma. He is at a clear physical disadvantage when confronting Jack, who punches him hard in the stomach and then calls him "fatty." Yet Piggy doesn't back down. He is both fully supportive of Ralph's leadership in keeping the signal fire going and in standing against Jack's tendencies to constantly hunt.

In chapter 8, Ralph is full of self-doubt about his abilities to lead. He feels lost about the direction of the group and is struggling to make sense of what he should do next. Piggy offers him some advice:

"We just got...

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