What are some quotes that Bradbury uses in Fahrenheit 451 to show what society is like? 

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The most powerful event in the novel, for me, is when Mildred tries to kill herself and the men come with their "snakes" to pump out Mildred's blood, clean it, and return it to her so that she can live again. The description of the men and their demeanor illustrate that suicide is not an uncommon occurrence in society. One of the men even says "we get these cases nine or ten a night. Got so many starting a few years ago, we had the special machines built."

Another good quote is when Montag is running from the Mechanical Hound and the tv program has the entire city stand up at their TVs, go outside and look for Montag in the streets.

"He imagined thousands on thousands of faces peering into yards, into alleys, and into the sky, faces hid by curtains, pale night-frightened faces, like grey animals peering from electric caves, faces with grey colourless eyes, grey tongues and grey thoughts looking out through the numb flesh of the face."

The image of the entire city doing the same exact act at the same time makes people look robotic and mindless. Technology truly takes their individuality and ability for thought away from them. The color imagery strengthens the portrayal as lifeless.



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