What are some quotes I could use to represent point of view, metaphor, and selection of detail? Please include book number.

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Point of view refers to the perspective from which a work is narrated. The first-person narrator of Atwood's novel is Iris Chase Griffen, who tells the story of her and her sister Laura's life and tries to make sense of Laura's death, the event that begins the novel. This is apparent from page 1, when she mentions "my sister" and says "I was informed of the accident." However, within the novel is another novel, also titled The Blind Assassin, that was published with Laura as author after her death. That novel uses a third-person narrator. The reader is led to assume that the contained novel is autobiographical and that the narrator is Laura. This narrative begins in the latter part of chapter 1: "She has a single photograph of him."

Furthermore, within that novel, the main male character with whom the female protagonist is romantically involved tells her a long science fiction story set on the planet Zycron; that story also uses third-person perspective.

Metaphor is a direct comparison of unlike things for effect. On a general level, the title itself is a metaphor. In addition to referring to characters in the science fiction story, the phrase also applies to characters in Atwood's novel who cannot see, in the sense of being ignorant, which results in others' deaths. One metaphor that the protagonist of the novel-within-a-novel uses is "licking your lips" to indicate eagerness.

In regard to Atwood's use of detail, this varies depending on which of the novels is being presented. Both variants of The Blind Assassin use a realistic style, and details are liberally used to enhance the realism through verisimilitude. For the science fiction portions, selection of detail is very important because the tale-teller is creating an entire imaginary world. The society resembles many vanished ancient civilizations, so the details concern environment, architecture, and every aspect of the imaginary people's lifeways. Chapter 2 includes a large amount of this type of text, including such things as the planet's animals: "thulks, blue sheeplike creatures with vicious tempers."

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