The Portable Phonograph by Walter Van Tilburg Clark

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What are some quotes from The Portable Phonograph by Walter Van Tilburg Clark? This is a study guide question posted by eNotes Editorial. Please identify and analyze at least 3 quotes in your response.

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These pits were such as might have been made by falling meteors, but they were not. They were the scars of gigantic bombs, their rawness already made a little natural by rain, seed and time. Along the road there were rakish remnants of fence. There was also, just visible, one portion of tangled and multiple barbed wire still erect, behind which was a shelving ditch with small caves, now very quiet and empty, at intervals in its back wall.

The description found early in the story serves to illuminate the setting. There are various indications here that the plot is entrenched in the aftermath of a devastating war. Bombs have ravaged the landscape, leaving craters that resemble those of fallen meteors. Some time has passed since the war, as the earth is already attempting to heal itself with spouts generating from seed and rain. Barbed wire still prefaces an area of "small caves" (the hiding places in the front line of the past war). Now, all is quiet in this war-ravaged landscape where it...

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