What are some quotes from "The Bet" by Anton Chekhov? This is a study guide question posted by eNotes Editorial. Please identify and analyze at least 3 quotes in your response.

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Who is the more humane executioner, one who kills you in a few seconds or one who draws the life out of you incessantly, for years?

The initial premise of the bet is based on this supposition by the banker in the beginning of the story. At a party he's hosting, conversation traverses the innate sufferings of capital punishment compared to life imprisonment. This comment is actually ironic by the story's end. Although the lawyer chooses a self-imposed imprisonment, he learns to enjoy life more deeply than he does in absolute freedom. His imprisonment does not draw the life out of him; instead, it deepens his appreciation of all beautiful things in life.

"If you mean it seriously," replied the lawyer, "then I bet I'll stay not five but fifteen."

The lawyer proves himself arrogant and impulsive in his youth. While the initial bet is to stay five years (a lengthy confinement to volunteer oneself for), the lawyer raises the terms of the bet to three times its original length and for no further...

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