What are some quotes from Lord of the Flies that present the friendship between Piggy and Ralph?

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The friendship between Piggy and Ralph grows unevenly through the first half of the novel. The two boys are initially thrown together randomly as they make their way from the airplane wreckage. They get along well at first because they share a sensible, problem-solver attitude toward their dilemma; rather than just cope with how things are, they both aim to identify and implement methods that should lead to their rescue. The budding friendship is damaged, however, after Piggy had confessed his hated nickname. When they are alone and Ralph laughs wildly at the name, it strangely begins to create a bond:

Piggy grinned reluctantly, pleased despite himself at even this much recognition.

Later, however, it hurts him that Ralph treats him cruelly by mocking him to the group of boys, and Piggy confesses his dismay. Ralph starts to see him as a person.

Stillness descended on them. Ralph, looking with more understanding at Piggy, saw that he was hurt and crushed.

Although at this point Ralph is still...

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