What are some quotes from Frankenstein that demonstrate that Victor Frankenstein was alone with Elizabeth on the night of his marriage, and alone with Henry Clerval when they went traveling?

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Victor is alone with Henry Clerval

After the creature tells Victor that he is not evil or cruel, only lonely, asking his creator to make a companion for him, Victor agrees to make such a creature, but only on the condition that the monster will leave Europe. So, in Chapter 18 Victor returns to Geneva where he takes "refuge in the most perfect solitude."  However, his father observes Victor's melancholy and urges him to marry Elizabeth, but Victor is dismayed at this prospect because he is not free in spirit.

So, in order to perform his creation of a mate for Victor, he asks his father if he may travel to England although he is concerned that his absence will leave his friends unprotected from possible attacks from the creature.  When even his beloved Elizabeth encourages him to travel and heal himself, Victor departs.

I threw myself into the carriage that was to convey me away....I passed through many beautiful and majestic scenes....After some days spent in listless indolence, during which I traversed many leagues, I arrived at Strasburgh, where I waited two days for Clerval.

When Henry arrives, Victor is elated to be with his friend, whose peaceful language restores Victor's spirit. This harmony created with the reunion of close friends represents a motif of the Romantic period as friendship between men was perceived as one of the most idealized and significant of relationships, one which should be perserved and not interfered with by others. Therefore, it is important to Shelley's narrative that Victor and Clerval be with only each other. In Chapter 19, Victor narrates,

I saw an insurmountable barrier placed between me and my fellow-men; this barrier was sealed with the blood of William and Justine....But in Clerval I saw the image of my former self; he was inquisitive, and anxious to gain experience and instruction.

Victor is alone with Elizabeth

In Chapter 22, Victor and Elizabeth are married, and Victor takes every precaution he can to protect himself because the creature has threatened to be with him on his marriage night.

After the ceremony was performed a large party assembled at my father's, but it was agreed that Elizabeth and I should commence our journey by water....The day was fair...all smiled on our nuptial embarkation.

Then, in Chapter 23, Victor and Elizabeth land on shore where they stay at a family cottage.  With a pistol hidden, Victor resolves to confront his creature alone and tells his new wife Elizabeth that their wedding night will be "very dreadful," but all will be well afterward. Victor urges Elizabeth to retire to the cottage and wait for him as he resolves to learn the location of the creature. After waiting for a long time without any sign of his monster, Victor decides to return to the cottage; however, he

heard a shrill and dreadful scream...from the room into which Elizabeth had retired....The scream was repeated, and I rushed into the room....She was there...her pale and distorted features half covered by her hair.

In moments Victor finds himself "surrounded by the people of the inn." Looking up he beholds "a figure the most hideous and abhorred" that has a smile on his face. Now, his is alone with his terrible guilt.

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