What are some quotes about light and fire in chapters 6–10 of Frankenstein?

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In chapter 6, Victor responds to his cousin Elizabeth’s letter. His recovery includes spending time with his old friend Henri Clerval, with whom he is reading the orientalists (whose work he finds “soothing” and “elevating”):

When you read their writings, life appears to consist in a warm sun and a garden of roses.

In chapter 7, his father writes to tell him of his brother William’s death, with a reference to “dusk.” The nighttime absence of light is associated with danger. This idea is picked up when Victor travels home to be with his grieving family:

[A]s I drew nearer home, grief and fear again overcame me. Night also closed around; and when I could hardly see the dark mountains, I felt still more gloomily.

While the sky has been clear, as he approaches Geneva a storm comes up and there are repeated...

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