What are some quotations from Frankenstein that provide insight into Frankenstein's mental decline, regret, remorse, fear, depression, exaltation and disappointment, disillusionment, and mental paralysis:

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I'll tackle a few of these traits to help get you started, and hopefully you can use that information to find other quotes for the remaining descriptors.

One of the greatest quotes of disillusionment occurs right after Frankenstein's goal is accomplished and the creature comes to life:

How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe, or how delineate the wretch whom with such infinite pains and care I had endeavoured to form?

Frankenstein has labored on the very intricate details of this new creature for two years. He has literally stitched him together in a purposeful fashion, intent on reaching a pinnacle of scientific success. He is so blinded by the goal that he misses the horror of the creature. His immediate reaction once the creature takes a breath is that this is a "catastrophe." The goal blinded Frankenstein from the reality of the new life he has been creating. Realizing the horror was guided by his own hands in every detail, he becomes disillusioned with his work.

After Frankenstein realizes that the creature has killed his young brother William, he is filled with remorse:

No one can conceive the anguish I suffered during the remainder of the night, which I spent, cold and wet, in the open air. But I did not feel the inconvenience of the weather; my imagination was busy in scenes of evil and despair. I considered the being whom I had cast among mankind, and endowed with the will and power to effect purposes of horror, such as the deed which he had now done...

Frankenstein sees his own hand's guiding force in the murder of his brother. Though the monster is ultimately to blame, the design of the monster was Frankenstein's. The decision to abandon him was also Frankenstein's. He realizes that he will pay a heavy price for his quest for scientific advancement—and so will those around him.

Frankenstein is often filled with fear—but not necessarily for himself. He has seen the hand of revenge of the creature, and after agreeing to create a mate for him, Victor goes home to visit family. He is struck with fear upon leaving them:

I now made arrangements for my journey, but one feeling haunted me which filled me with fear and agitation. During my absence I should leave my friends unconscious of the existence of their enemy and unprotected from his attacks, exasperated as he might be by my departure. But he had promised to follow me wherever I might go...

Frankenstein has never told anyone about the creature he's created, yet he lurks in the world around them, awaiting a chance to seek revenge if he feels Frankenstein isn't following through with plans. Frankenstein is thus torn about leaving, fearful that he is leaving his family and friends exposed to violence and completely unaware of its existence.

I hope this helps as you consider finding quotes that fit a particular descriptor for character analysis. Good luck!

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