What are some political, social, and economic successes during Reconstruction?

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Politically, bringing the Southern states back into the Union was the biggest success of Reconstruction. This was the ultimate goal of Reconstruction. The nation was brought together in a way that did not lead to further civil wars. African-American males earning the right to vote via the Fifteenth Amendment was another success.

Economically, ending the war was an economic victory as the war cost millions of dollars in human life and property. The end of the war brought Southern cotton back at full strength to Northern textile mills. The Freedman's Bureau schools taught many African Americans how to read thus making them eligible for other jobs. The Thirteenth Amendment indirectly led to the breakup of some plantations as the plantation owners lost their source of labor. While many turned to sharecroppers, some invested in industry and thus helped rebuild the South.

Reconstruction had its greatest impact socially. The end of slavery brought about an era of former slaves travelling in...

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