What are some of the reasons that Romeo is responsible for his own death and the death of Juliet?

Romeo could be seen as responsible for his and Juliet's deaths because his rash behavior sets their tragic fate into motion. Led by his emotions, Romeo hastily decides to commit suicide once he hears Juliet is dead. Had Romeo hesitated or consulted the Friar before acting, both he and Juliet may have lived.

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Romeo, throughout Romeo and Juliet, is characterized as having a brash and tempestuous personality, and this emotional turbulence certainly contributed his and Juliet's deaths.

Possibly the most critical turning point in the play's action is when Romeo kills Tybalt, spurred on by Mercutio's death. This turn of events causes Romeo and Juliet's situation, which was already precarious, to deteriorate drastically. With Romeo killing such a prominent Capulet, the feud between the two families is more heated than ever, and Romeo's banishment means he and Juliet will be separated. It is in this context that Friar Laurence suggests the plot to fake Juliet's death.

This is not the end to Romeo's rash, emotionally-behavior. After learning of Juliet's supposed death, Romeo's immediate response is to buy poison and commit suicide. Had he consulted Friar Laurence or hesitated even a little bit more before acting, the play's resolution would have been drastically different. Juliet awakens from her induced...

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