What are some of the key similarities and differences between the Roman Empire and the Greek civilization?

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Key Similarities:

  1. The Roman and Greek civilizations shared many of the same attitudes, ideas, and symbols in philosophy, mythology, and religion. In simple terms, the Romans regarded the Greeks as the creators of civilization, but they saw the Greeks as being too passionate and egotistic to manage and maintain themselves as a strong, unified political and military force. The Romans are often, in overly-summarized terms, said to have "copied" things from the Greeks, such as elements of architecture, government, and religion. But it might be better to say that the Romans saw themselves as taking over and continuing the work of the Greeks, but under their own terms, which sometimes involved a partial reshaping, as in the Romans' renaming of the Greek gods.
  2. Relative to their respective opponents, such as the Persians or Gauls, the Greeks and Romans had a...

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