What are some of the characteristics that Beowulf lacks?

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Beowulf undoubtedly lacks humility. He knows he's pretty special and doesn't refrain from saying so. A brave, powerful warrior, a hero with unmatched skill in fighting monsters, Beowulf thinks he's amazing and wants everyone else to think so too. But to be fair to Beowulf, there's nothing unusual about such monstrous pride given the time and the culture in which he lives. In keeping with Anglo-Saxon convention, he's expected to be boastful about his exploits, and he doesn't disappoint.

In modern eyes, Beowulf's regular blowing of his own trumpet makes him somewhat less than sympathetic at times. Most people prefer their heroes modest and self-effacing, and Beowulf's not like that at all. However, if we see him as a product of his environment, we're apt to forgive him for having such a gigantic ego.

Beowulf is an epic hero, and by the nature of his role, he is not presented as a round character—complete with all the complexities of emotion and psychology that most people expect from...

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