What are some of the character traits that Daniel bar Jamin displays in The Bronze Bow? Give some examples.

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Some of Daniel’s most important characteristics are his passion, loyalty, resourcefulness, and determination. The passion and loyalty go hand in hand as he mourns the death of his father, mother, and uncle. Daniel feels so loyal to his family’s memory that he is moved to seek vengeance. That passion drives him to make a vow to God and to pursue the Romans whom he feels are responsible.

In addition, passion is a strong motivating force in keeping him going even when things are at their most difficult, such as when his grandmother also passes away. It also undergirds his desire to free his native land. Loyalty is evident after he joins with Rosh, convinced that he is the leader they need, and in his difficulty in breaking with him.

Daniel showed determination when he struggled through his own imprisonment and afterward, as he seeks his sister, Leah. He is resourceful in making his way through dangerous territory and in forming alliances that will help him succeed. Slowly, however, compassion takes hold in Daniel as he observes the actions of Jesus and then embraces his message and way of life. Loyalty gains sway once more—but now to a positive cause rather than for the sake of revenge.

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