Rutherford B. Hayes's Presidency Questions and Answers

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What are some of Rutherford B. Hayes's major accomplishments as president of the United States?

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Rutherford B. Hayes was the nineteenth president of the United States. He became president in 1877 after one of the most contested elections in history, which led to the Compromise of 1877. This compromise allowed him to become President if he withdrew federal troops from the South. He agreed, which led to the end of Reconstruction. In the first year of his presidency, Hayes restored order from the Railroad Strike of 1877 by placing federal troops on guard at federal buildings. As president, he treated all people fairly regardless of their race and implemented civil services reform, which laid the groundwork for the future. Another one of his accomplishments related to the economy. Under his term, the economy recovered, and many credited that to his veto of the Bland-Allison Act. He believed that the gold standard needed to be maintained in order for the economy to do well.

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