What are some major characteristics of communism?

Major aspects of communism include the lack of a class system, the lack or privately owned land, and an atheistic view of the world.

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In order to help you answer your question, let me first of all explain to you what communism is. Communism is a political ideology that advocates a classless system where every member of society is treated equally, regardless of their social background. Communism is the opposite of capitalism, as capitalism strives for financial gain to benefit the individual; communism puts society first and sees privatization and capitalism as its enemy. Communist regimes today exist in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and Laos.

The main characteristic of communism is that communism strives to create a classless society where every member of society is equal and has the same rights and opportunities as the everybody else. You could also mention the lack of private ownership as a result of this, as preventing people from owning land helps to keep everybody on an equal level within society, as there aren't any rich landowners. Instead, everything is government-owned in a communist society, which ensures that everything can be distributed and used equally.

Another aspect of communism you might want to mention is that it usually advocates atheism and is against religion. Communists view religion as something that holds people back and prevents them from seeing clearly, and they believe that it merely oppresses people rather than liberating them. This is why Karl Marx, who is often referred to as "the Father of Communism," famously called religion "the opium of the people."

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