The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas
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What are some major challenges Chris and Starr face as a couple in The Hate U Give?

Expert Answers

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Starr and Chris will have to learn to accept each other's different backgrounds and the challenges that come with each of them. Starr's childhood in Garden Heights and her up-close experience with police violence gives her a very different background than the wealthy, sheltered Chris. There are difficulties that each of them might face moving forward that stem from having such different perspectives on the world.

Starr says at one point that she feels like she can't be her complete self around Chris; many of those feelings come from her background which she feels he won't be able to accept. As she is able to open up more, Chris will have to meet those disclosures with love and acceptance for them to move forward as a couple.

Starr and Chris will have to gain the acceptance of their families and friends. Maverick isn't a fan of Chris because of his skin color and background. Over time, however, he does gain more respect for him and comes to accept that Starr is with him. They will both probably face some prejudice from the people in the lives over dating someone who is a different race. If they put up boundaries and are honest with each other about the issues, they can probably work through that.

Finally, Starr and Chris will have to work through the difficult communication issues that they face. They've already taken a step in the right direction when Starr told Chris about her past and Chris accepted it with open belief and positive action to support her. They have to make sure that they're on the same page and are being their authentic selves with each other to make their relationship work.

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