What are some literary/rhetorical devices found in chapter 1 of Frankenstein?

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In chapter one of Frankenstein, Shelley uses first-person narration in the voice of Victor Frankenstein, and the novel begins as a retrospective of prior events. Victor's diction is typically hyperbolic as he describes how his father met and married his mother; Victor's father exhibited "a show of gratitude and worship in his attachment." The narrator's hyperbolic description of his idyllic childhood replete with doting parents ("I was their plaything and their idol") will provide later contrast for the abandonment of the creature by his creator. This first chapter also explains how Elizabeth became his sister and is also hyperbolic: "Everyone loved Elizabeth. The passionate and almost reverential attachment with which all regarded her." The tone with which Shelley instills Victor is self-aggrandizing and melodramatic and perfectly suited to a character that will place himself alongside God as a creator of life. 

Victor uses a metaphor to describe the parenting he received as "a silken cord...

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