What are some literary devices in "The Lottery"?

One of the literary devices used in “The Lottery” is the third-person objective point of view from which the story is told. This serves to highlight what, for the people of this small town, is the perfect ordinariness of the barbaric annual ritual in which they engaged.

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The Lottery” is told from an objective, third-person point of view. Among other things, this means that the narrator doesn't intrude into the narrative; she simply describes what's happening and lets the reader make up his or her own mind.

It also means that the narrator is not concerned with passing judgment on what transpires in the narrative. This is a particularly effective technique in relation to “The Lottery” as it serves to highlight what the townsfolk regard as the perfect ordinariness of their annual ritual.

The people of the town don't regard their ritual as the cold-blooded act of barbarous murder that it really is. To them, it's a perfectly normal, age-old tradition that they've been practicing for generations.

We are better able to understand such an attitude—if not to condone—because of the third-person objective narrative adopted by the author. Thanks to the author's descriptive, non-judgmental approach, we become anthropologists observing the strange cultural...

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