What are some items that are important to the novel "Tuck Everlasting"?

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Some additional items that are important in Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit include the yellow suit, the cat, the shotgun, the music box, the mirror, and the grave.

The yellow suit: The stranger who comes to the Foster woods seeking answers about the spring and the Tucks is never given a name. He is simply the Man in the Yellow Suit, making him mysterious. Though the suit is yellow, a bright color, the man reminds Winnie of "the stiff black ribbons they had hung on the door of the cottage for her grandfather's funeral."

The cat: While not an item, the cat is a key figure. The cat contributes to the Tucks' realization that they are not aging. The Tucks (and even the horse) drink from the spring, but the cat does not. As a result, the cat ages and eventually dies. When the cat ages but the horse does not, this clues the Tucks in to what is going on.

The shotgun : The shotgun also helps the Tucks realize their fate. After the family members survive accidents unscathed, Angus Tucks puts this...

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