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William Shakespeare

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What are some interesting facts about William Shakespeare?

Some interesting facts about William Shakespeare are that he was a businessman as well as an author and a pivotal figure in creating words to add to the English language.

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Despite his lasting legacy and prolific work as an author, William Shakespeare remains mysterious in several ways to modern-day scholars and readers. There is, in fact, a period of seven years in his life referred to as the "lost years" after the baptism of his children and before his career in London was established about which there is no historical record at all.

However, many of the things that are known about Shakespeare are fascinating to study. One of the most interesting things about Shakespeare was his entrepreneurial side. Although obviously most known for his prolific work as an author, Shakespeare was also a businessman. Shakespeare was a founding member of the theatrical company known as The Lord Chamberlain's Men, which eventually became The King's Men when James I ascended to the English throne. This company was a communal group that performed at several venues throughout London—including, most famously, The Globe.

Shakespeare is also credited with creating and/or adapting many words in English through his written work. Through his many plays and poems, he is credited with 1700 words that are used and understood by his readers. His effect on the English language was instrumental in many ways in shaping modern English.

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