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What are some insights on writing an opening paragraph of an essay discussing the most current and informative research regarding interpersonal communication in a romantic relationship? The keywords are "excitement in romantic relationships", "good communication," "social media and technology", and "relationship maintenance."

The main job of the opening paragraph is to grab the reader's attention and alert the reader to what the main body of the essay is going to be. Introductory paragraphs usually briefly touch on key concepts or keywords in order to convince readers that the topic is worth reading about.

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Regardless of what your paper's intended topic is, the opening paragraph isn't meant to go into much detail about the paper's topic. An opening paragraph's goal is twofold. First, the opening paragraph must grab the reader's attention. Second, the opening paragraph highlights what the paper is going to be about and generally includes a thesis statement.

I am going to assume that you already have some of the "current and informative research regarding interpersonal communication in a romantic relationship." For the most part, you are not going to do anything with that research in the opening paragraph. You are going to briefly mention it in the paragraph and let your reader know that you will be discussing those pieces of research in depth in the main body of the...

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