What are some important quotes from Mildred Montag in Fahrenheit 451?

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Mildred isn't exactly renowned for making memorable statements, but what she does say tends to tell us a lot about the dystopian society in which she lives. And here's an excellent example:

Montag, take my word for it, I've had to read a few in my time, to know what I was about, and the books say nothing! Nothing you can teach or believe. They're about non-existent people, figments of imagination, if they're fiction. And if they're non-fiction, it's worse, one professor calling another an idiot, one philosopher screaming down another's gullet. All of them running about, putting out the stars and extinguishing the sun. You come away lost.

A depressing statement, to be sure, but one that perfectly illustrates the widespread bibliophobia that penetrates deep into the empty minds of so many in this decadent society.

Mildred is setting herself up here as an authority on reality, but what does she know about it? Her whole life is spent in a vacuous dream-world of soap stars and unctuous...

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