What are some good quotes for Snowball from Animal Farm?

Good quotes regarding Snowball from Animal Farm would most likely include his role in overtaking the farm, his overzealous ideas, or his mysterious reputation at the end. Some examples are, "He was closeted there for hours at a time" and "Without halting for an instant, Snowball flung his fifteen stone against Jones's legs."

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Snowball is one of the fiercest fighters in the Battle of the Cowshed. After the battle, he does not sympathize with Boxer's remorse at killing the man with his powerful kick, but instead speaks out against all human beings. The narrator describes Snowball's ferocity and fearlessness in taking on Farmers Jones, using just his hefty body against a man with a gun. Even after he is wounded and a sheep is killed when Jones fires at them, he is not deterred. Snowball

dashed straight for Jones. Jones saw him coming, raised his gun and fired. The pellets scored bloody streaks along Snowball's back, and a sheep dropped dead. Without halting for an instant, Snowball flung his fifteen stone against Jones's legs. Jones was hurled into a pile of dung and his gun flew out of his hands.

Once the animals gain control over the farm, the power struggles between Napoleon and Snowball get worse and worse. Snowball is a talented farm manager with many good ideas for increasing the farm's productivity, such as...

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