What are some flashbacks in the story "The Lottery"?

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Flashbacks occur when the author or narrator takes the reader back in time to explain certain events connected to the story. Flashbacks play an important role in plot development, and the technique enhances the audience’s understanding of current events in connection to previous situations.

In The Lottery, there aren't any classic examples of flashbacks, but there are moments of recollection that are used to describe the objects and rituals performed during past events. Though there is typically a distinction between a flashback and a recollection, some might regard them as the same thing. The flashbacks are centered on how the lottery changed over time. An instance of flashback occurs when the present black box is described. In the story, the present black box is said to have been constructed using pieces of the first box, which was constructed by founders of the village.

Another instance of flashback occurs when the rituals following the event are described. It is claimed that the official of the lottery was expected to perform a chant as he stood or walked among the people. The flashback also describes a ritual salute, which was used to address each participant during the draw.

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