What are some film techniques used in Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock?

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In the film Psycho, director Alfred Hitchcock uses several innovative film techniques to maintain the audience’s sense of suspense and tension. We are introduced to Marion Crane, the primary female lead who is played by Janet Leigh, and learn that she is having an affair with a divorced man. The film is set in 1960, so the revelation of the sexual liaison is a technique that clues the audience into the possibility that Marion might have somewhat ambivalent attitudes toward morals that the 1960s audiences took for granted.

Marion then steals a large sum from one of her company’s clients and flees in her car. On the drive, she begins to imagine the reaction when her boss discovers the theft and plays the scene in her head. The audience hears her thoughts. This is an interesting film technique, as Hitchcock concentrates on Marion’s face as she drives and we see the tension in her features, as she grips the steering wheel.

Ultimately, Marion exits the road and checks into the Bates Motel...

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