What are some examples of Romeo's being irrational?

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There was a popular song in the late sixties by a female singer in which she asks her paramour if he is a Romeo or a Heathcliff. In her song, Romeo means the romantic lover, while Heathcliff--an allusion to the character in Charolotte Bronte's Wuthering Heights--is the brooding lover.  Of course, the singer uses these two male characters as prototypes.

So, the pervading opinion of many about Romeo is that he is emotional, even overly emotional.  As such, he does tend to become less than rational.  Certainly, it is his emotional personality that leads him to act as impulsively as he often does.  Here are some instances of his emotional behavior which prohibits his use of reason:

---After first meeting Juliet , Romeo falls hopelessly in love, climbs the fence to her orchard, drops in where a member of the Capulet household could easily have killed him, but thinks that he is on"love's light wings"(II,ii,30).  When she steps out onto the balcony, he tells Juliet that he would rather die...

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