What are some examples of irony in chapter 10 of The Kite Runner?

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In chapter 10, we see Baba and Amir fleeing Kabul to the relatively safer and more stable Peshawar in Pakistan. There are a few examples of irony in this chapter as they and a group of other Afghanis endure horrible conditions and dangers to reach safety.

The most prominent example of irony in the chapter involves Kamal, a boy about Amir's age. Kamal's father reveals to Baba that Kamal was raped in Kabul. He doesn't say it explicitly, but he describes how Kamal's personality and mood has changed and references "blood down there." These details are meant to remind us of Hassan after the assault by Assef after the kite tournament. Kamal having been a victim of sexual assault is ironic because Kamal was one of the two boys who helped hold Hassan down while Assef assaulted him.

Another example of irony in the chapter involves Amir and Hassan. Years before this, Hassan and Ali have left Baba's house after Amir tried to frame Hassan for theft. Amir's guilt had driven him to try to remove Hassan...

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