What are some creative ways to respond to "The Story of an Hour"?

Some creative responses to "The Story of an Hour" might include an exploration of how Mr. Mallard would feel if the tables were turned, and he was the one freed of a spouse. Another response might involve imagining whether or not Mrs. Mallard would feel the same amount of freedom upon discovering that she was broke.

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Some background on the lifestyles of affluent middle-class women of the period could be a creative response to the short story. You might want to look at what options were open to a woman of independent means in the 1890s—and what were not. How free would Mrs. Mallard really have been by our standards? You might also want to look at what was going on with the women's suffrage movement at that time period, and whether Mrs. Mallard's newfound sense of freedom might have led her in that direction.

Another creative response might be to retell the story from Mr. Mallard's point of view. Maybe he could even come across some notes Mrs. Mallard jotted down about freedom while she experienced her hour of believing he was dead? How would these make him feel? Would he feel the same way now that he is in her shoes? After all, the story does discuss

that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature.

As the italics emphasize, Mrs. Mallard realizes that women impose on men as much as men do women. Does Mr. Mallard feel a similar sense of freedom to hers now that he is not burdened with having to financially support or yield to the needs of his wife? Or might he have had his life organized in such a way that he feels her death as nothing but a loss?

Another creative response might be to wonder what would have happened if Mrs. Mallard found out that her husband had been keeping from her that they were nearly bankrupt. How would Mrs. Mallard have felt about her freedom if it came with poverty?

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