Maniac Magee Questions and Answers
by Jerry Spinelli

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What are some crazy things Maniac Magee has done?

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Jeffrey Lionel Magee, also known as Maniac Magee, becomes famous throughout the racially divided town of Two Mills for accomplishing heroic, legendary feats, which impress and astonish his peers. One could argue that the first "crazy" thing that Maniac did was run two hundred miles from Hollidaysburg to Two Mills, where he ends up befriending Amanda Beale and living with her family for a short period of time.

Maniac quickly becomes a legend by demonstrating his athleticism and courage. Maniac impresses his peers by bravely climbing over the Finsterwald's backyard fence to save a boy named Arnold Jones. Maniac's legend continues to grow after he hits the world's first "frogball" home run against John McNab. McNab pitched a frog to Maniac, who proceeded to bunt the frog, which was impossible to catch and gave him enough time to round all the bases.

In addition to entering the Finsterwald's dangerous backyard and hitting a "frogball" home run, Maniac spends his night at the deer shed located in the Elmwood Park Zoo. Maniac also ventures to the East End, which is the black side of town. Since Maniac is white, many people view his decision to travel to the East End as perilous and crazy.

Another one of Maniac's "crazy" accomplishments involves untying the infamous Cobble's Knot at the corner of Hector and Birch. Once Maniac accomplishes this feat, he wins free pizza for life from Cobble's Corner. Overall, Maniac Magee becomes a legendary figure throughout the town of Two Mills for his crazy accomplishments and impressive feats of athleticism.

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