What are some conflicts in The Red Badge of Courage? What type of conflict is each? 

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Even as Henry's story begins we sense a personal conflict within him as to the nature of war and the reality of it. He thinks of battles as "things of the past," yet everywhere around him there is the news of the war he tries to grasp, to process, in some way against his instincts. A less internalized conflict is the fact that he "burned to enlist," but his mother, understandably, doesn't want him to. When he tells her that he has enlisted, his mother in sorrow covers her face with a blanket.

But then, his mother's own internal conflict over Henry's going to war is that in spite of having wished that he not enlist, she must support him completely when he does. Her telling him about the socks she has knitted for him, and the description of her having packed his best shirts, have an unbearably sad quality as if emblematic not only of a mother's inevitable parting from a son...

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