What are some books about motherhood and mothers?

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There are many books in literature that deal with the theme of motherhood. I am going to introduce two novels which I would personally recommend to a reader with an interest in this theme.

The first novel to mention is We Need to Talk About Kevin. It was written by Lionel Shriver and was first published in 2003. The novel is written from the perspective of Eva, Kevin's mother. Eva is trying to come to terms with the fact that her son has become a killer who attacked and killed people in his school. Through the theme of motherhood, the novel poses questions about guilt and parental responsibility for their children’s actions.

Another, rather unusual, novel I would recommend is Room. It was written by Emma Donoghue and first published in 2010. Whilst the book is written from the perspective of Jack, a little boy, it still explores the theme of motherly love and motherhood. Jack’s mother had been abducted and held captive for years. Jack is the result of the rape his mother had to suffer during her ordeal and he lives with his mother in captivity. Despite of this, his mother loves him dearly and tries her best to protect him.

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