What are some adjectives to describe Arnold/Junior?

Arnold/Junior is a dynamic character who can be described with a number of adjectives, including resilient, anxious or nervous, and conflicted.

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There are a number of adjectives that can describe Junior's character in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Junior is an extremely resilient character; we see this throughout multiple events of the novel, such as when he's jumped on Halloween in chapter 11, or in chapter 4, when he tries out for the high school basketball team. No matter what obstacles lay in his way, he always remains determined to succeed and bounces back from various challenges with success and fortitude.

In addition, we see Junior behave in an anxious or nervous way at times. In chapter 17, when he asks Penelope to the winter formal, he must confront his own poverty. He worries about having to wear his dad's old suit or having to purchase photos he truly does not have the money for.

Lastly, Junior is confused or conflicted; he struggles to balance his identity as a Native American boy with his identity as a Reardan student. He often feels as if he has one foot in each world and that the worlds are too...

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