What are some adjectives that describe these characters in The Crucible: Abigail, Reverend Parris, Tituba, Proctor, Putnam, Goody Nurse, Mary Warren, and Reverend Hale?

Adjectives that describe Abigail in The Crucible are cunning, manipulative, and selfish. Adjectives that describe Reverend Parris are paranoid, avaricious, and vengeful. Adjectives that describe Tituba are powerless, sympathetic, and timid.

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Here are two adjectives for each character, with brief explanations.

Abigail is guileful and underhand.

Abigail is not a likeable character, but she is the product of childhood trauma, followed by living as a poor relation in the house of Reverend Parris. These misfortunes, together with the repressive atmosphere of Salem, have led her to develop habits of concealment and dishonesty.

Reverend Parris is paranoid and avaricious.

The Reverend Parris is constantly worrying about his unpopularity in the parish and trying to improve his status and salary.

Tituba is deracinated and powerless.

Tituba has been taken out of a society that makes sense to her and placed in one where her only function is to serve others. She has no independent existence and is only addressed at all about her relations with Betty, Abigail or the Reverend Parris (or, of course, the Devil).

Proctor is independent and impetuous.

Proctor develops throughout the play and there are adjectives that would only apply to him at certain...

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