What are some adjectives that describe Edie's character in "How I Met My Husband"?

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Edie is only fifteen when she meets Chris Watters, and she is shy, so she tries to hide her deep infatuation with him and tries to disguise her flirting from her landlord and employer. She starts to have a fling with Chris, who is also attached to another woman named Alice. Alice follows Chris everywhere and hopes to marry him.

When Edie meets Alice, she is very judgmental, making many criticisms of Alice's appearance. In this moment, Edie also shows that she is proud by choosing to believe that she is better than Alice and that she deserves Chris more.

When Chris leaves, he promises to write Edie. She is trusting of Chris and waits by her mailbox every day for his letter. The letter never comes, but the mailman, who thought she spent every day waiting for him, has fallen in love with her in the meantime. Edie is passive, because she never discloses her real intentions to him, so that he can believe what makes him happy.

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