What are some acts of jealousy in chapter 8 of this book?

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a novel written by Mildred D. Taylor. It was first published in 1976 and follows the story of Cassie, a young girl living in Mississippi.

You are asking about acts of jealousy in chapter 8. People frequently confuse jealousy and envy, and I am very much suspecting that this is what has happened here, as there are no acts of jealousy in chapter 8. However, there are certainly instances of acts of envy. Envy is defined as “a reaction to lacking something.” Jealousy, on the other hand, “is a reaction to the threat of losing something.” In chapter 8 of this novel, it is envy that we encounter, and not jealousy.

T.J. is envious of the Logan kids. This becomes apparent when he shouts at them, “with y'all's new coats and books and shiny new Packards,” which clearly indicates that he envies them for what they have.

However, more importantly, it is T.J.’s envy that results ultimately in Cassie’s mother losing her teaching job. Cassie’s mother had manipulated the textbooks in order to hide offensive words. She had also taught content which “some folks just didn't want to hear.” T.J. had been very envious of the other kids' success, who had received better grades. He was very disappointed by the fact that he had failed the test, as he had been caught cheating. This is why he told Kaleb about what Cassie’s mother had done, which resulted in Kaleb Wallace and Harlan Granger coming to see Cassie's mother at work and firing her. None of this would have happened, if it hadn’t been for T.J.’s envy in the first place.

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