What are Sodapop’s physical and personality traits in The Outsiders?

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Sodapop, or Soda, is Ponyboy’s second-oldest brother behind Darry. Soda is sixteen-going-on-seventeen, and according to Ponyboy, Soda “never cracks a book at all,” and he also never drinks. Ponyboy loves Soda, probably more than he has “ever loved anyone, even [his] Mom and Dad.”

In part, this is because Soda is warm and caring in contrast to Darry, who appears to have the weight on his shoulders reflecting the responsibility of keeping his family together after their parents die. While Darry has assumed the role of adult and provider in the family, Soda has assumed the role of caregiver and nurturer. He is also the peacekeeper. Darry keeps them together financially and physically in their home, while Soda helps keep them together emotionally. In one scene when Darry and Ponyboy have a fight, Ponyboy notes that:

We couldn't do anything to hurt Soda. Sodapop would always be the middleman, but that didn't mean he had to keep getting pulled apart. Instead of Darry and me pulling me apart, he'd be pulling us together.

Soda has a deep understanding of others. He tells his brothers that he cannot take sides when they fight. He sees both points of view and also brings an objectivity to their disagreement. Ponyboy notes that Soda “understands everything, almost.”

After Ponyboy is beaten up by the rival gang, Soda is the one who comforts him, telling him that the other gang will not hurt him now: “They ain't gonna hurt you no more.”

Ponyboy describes Soda in very pleasant terms. Soda is “always happy-go-lucky and grinning.” He does not drink, which is unusual for their group, but seemingly almost gets inebriated by the joy that certain activities give him, like drag racing or dancing. In comparison to Darry’s premature adulthood, Soda is youthful. In fact, Ponyboy says, “Sodapop'll never grow up at all.” He is a perennial young adult who does not do well academically, despite claiming to make an effort, and is content to work in a gas station.

Physically, Sodapop is extremely handsome and is described as having “dark-gold hair that he combs back—long and silky and straight” which gets bleached “to a shining wheat gold” in the summer. He has “lively, dancing, recklessly laughing” dark brown eyes that “can be gentle and sympathetic one moment and blazing with anger the next.”

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Soda's personality is a bit easier to nail down than his exact physical traits. In chapter one, readers are told that Soda is "happy-go-lucky" and can always be found smiling. He's incredibly athletic and has been known to do flips and handstands down the street. The boisterous shows of athleticism coincide with his smiling and energetic personality.

Soda is also a hardworking individual. He may have dropped out of school, but that doesn't mean he is lazy. He works at the gas station in order to help support his family, and he doesn't resent it at all. Of course, his constantly happy attitude could be a front for the inner hurts that he is harboring. Soda is a sensitive guy, and that is why he finally vents to his brothers about their fighting.

It's just . . . I can't stand to hear y'all fight . . . Sometimes I have to get out or . . . It's like a middleman in a tug o' war and I'm being split in half . . . We're all we've got left. We ought to be able to stick together against anything. If we don't have each other, we don't have anything.

He's also very broken up about Sandy leaving him. He loved her, and he was committed enough to her and the relationship that he was willing to raise her baby, even though it was not his child.

As for Soda's looks, my text has a good description on page 8; however, there aren't too many specifics about his looks. We are told that he is jaw-droppingly good looking. Apparently, he's so good looking that people will stop walking just to stare at him. He's not as tall as Darry and is thinner, but those are relative descriptions because we aren't given an exact height and weight for Darry. Soda has "dark-gold" hair that he combs back. It bleaches out in the summer sun. His eyes are dark brown and similar to their dad's eyes.

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Sodapop is described by his younger brother, Ponyboy, as being thin and movie-star handsome. He has dark gold hair that is combed back, dark brown eyes that are described as dancing or reckless, and a goofy grin. This physical description fits with the personality description provided through most of the book. Sodapop is generally the joker of the group and works to balance the serious Darry and sensitive Ponyboy. Sodapop also seems to take on the role of raising spirits in the group and trying to prevent tensions from boiling over.

Towards the end of the book, Ponyboy learns that Sodapop is actually somewhat sensitive and cares more about the well-being and success of others than he has let on. Sodapop generally hides his negative emotions behind his joking exterior, using humor as a coping device and a deflection tool.

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Sodapop Curtis is Ponyboy's sixteen-year-old brother, who is depicted as a handsome, happy-go-lucky kid throughout the novel. Pony describes Soda as having "movie-star" looks and a thin, lean figure. Soda is not as tall as his older brother and Pony mentions that he has a sensitive looking face. Sodapop also has long, dark-gold hair that is silky and dark brown eyes that can either be gentle and sympathetic or blazing and angry. Sodapop is a relatively positive, enthusiastic teenager, who enjoys joking and messing around. He does not take life as seriously as Darry and ended up dropping out of high school because he struggled in class. Sodapop is by far the most humorous, charismatic boy in the Curtis household and understands Ponyboy the best. Towards the end of the novel, Pony discovers that Sodapop hides most of his negative feelings and learns that it is important to pay more attention to Sodapop's emotions.

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The reader learns about Sodapop's physical appearance as well as his personality through the eyes of Ponyboy, the narrator of The Outsiders.

Sodapop, Ponyboy's middle brother, is handsome, with dark brown eyes and dark blonde hair that lightens in the summer. He is so good-looking that Ponyboy claims that the gas station where he works is the most popular and busy in their community mainly because Sodapop attracts a lot of girls with his movie-star looks and his friendly personality.

Ponyboy describes Sodapop as "drunk on life," which means that Sodapop has a naturally high-spirited and energetic personality that charms people, especially their oldest brother, Darry. Ponyboy's affection for Sodapop is clear in his descriptions of Sodapop, and he enjoys a close relationship with Soda throughout the novel.

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