What are six reasons why prisoners should not be allowed to use J-Pay?

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JPay provides email services to prisoners at a fee. The program was started to help prisoners connect with their families using modern technology. The other reason why JPay is used in prisons is because UN declared internet access to be an important human right. Even though JPay helps inmates maintain communication with their families, one could argue that the technology should not be allowed to proceed any further because it can cause more harm than good. Here is are six reasons why JPay should be disallowed:

  1. It exposes witnesses to harassment from prisoners. Even though correctional facilities claim to screen every message that is sent through the platform, they cannot decode all of the secret languages used by inmates.
  2. It exposes the internet to more hackers. The JPay system started as an e-messaging system. It has slowly evolved into a platform that allows inmates to download songs and play games online at a fee. As the number of services increase, internet vulnerability will also increase.
  3. It increases the risk of financial fraud. In one Idaho correctional facility, more than 300 prisoners hacked the JPay system and stole more than $200,000 worth of credit.
  4. The tablets issued by JPay can be used as weapons. Inmates could be creative when it comes to making weapons; therefore, it could only be a matter of time before this technology becomes a harmful tool.
  5. It exposes ordinary citizens to extortion and fraud. Ever heard of the Nigerian prince scam? What’s stopping prisoners from conning people using the same tactics?
  6. Prisoners can use JPay to manage illegal businesses outside of prison. Using secret language, the inmates can give special instructions to those running their operations on the outside.
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