What are six major conflicts in Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda and what are the resolutions to those conflicts?

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There are many conflicts in the novel Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. One conflict is that Simon is gay but is not out to his family or friends. This conflict gets more complicated when Simon starts getting blackmailed by another student in order to get a date with one of Simon's friends. That relationship between the student blackmailing Simon—Martin—and Simon's friend, Abby, is a third conflict. A fourth conflict is between two of Simon's best friends, Nick and Leah. A fifth conflict occurs when Simon comes out to Abby before Leah, which causes more conflict amongst the girls. A sixth conflict is between Simon and a boy named Cal, who Simon believes is his online boyfriend.

All of these conflicts have resolutions. Simon eventually comes out as gay to his family and his friends, and every person is accepting and loving towards him. He attempts to help Martin with Abby in order to avoid getting blackmailed. The three go to the Waffle House to study lines for a play, and eventually all become friends. Nick and Leah have a conflict because Leah is in love with Nick, who likes someone else. The two are honest with each other and are able to stay friends. Leah also struggles with her friendship with Simon when he tells Abby about being gay before he tells her. She feels isolated and wants her friends back. She begins playing music in a band with Simon's sister and eventually makes up with Simon. The final conflict between Cal and Simon is quickly resolved when Simon asks Blue if he is Cal, and Blue says no. Simon and Cal remain friends.

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