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What are six disadvantages of being a male?

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1.  A man is expected to be the breadwinner of the family.

2.  A man cannot always afford to show his true emotions.

3.  Men live shorter lives, according to statistics.

4.  A man is expected to pick up the bill when with a woman.

5.  A man is expected to treat all women as "ladies," even when this is not always the case.

6.  Single men are often looked at with a questioning eye in regards to sexuality.

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What a great question!  These are definitely generalizations, and only based on personal experience and observation.  These do not apply to all men, or to all families, workplaces, etc.

1.  Males are expected to be the primary providers/breadwinners for their families even though their spouses are often working too.  This can create tension within the house, particularly in a situation where a woman is making more money.  It can also create issues for men who want to go into great careers like teaching!  Many of my college friends wanted to be teachers, but went in other directions because they "would have to support families someday."

2.  Traditional ideas of manhood/masculinity are being challenged or ridiculed in society, but they have not been "replaced" with anything more acceptable.  While men are mocked for being "tough guys" or for failing to show emotion, they are still not permitted to cry or display their feelings "like girls".  Many are being out-earned or out-promoted by their female counterparts, but they have not been taught that this is OK.

3.  They are expected by their spouses to contribute on the domestic front, but many were raised by mothers who did all the cooking/cleaning for them.

I'm guessing you were looking for 6 total, so I'm just goint to post these three instead of repeating other people's points.

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There are some sweeping generalizations and absolutes being expressed here, but I’ll try not to perpetuate that. It seems to me that many of the "problems" with being a male are centered around double standards in our society.

1)It is acceptable for women to work outside of the home or to stay home, but men who choose to stay home are sometimes viewed as unmotivated or incompetant--look at or listen to the movie or song, "Mr. Mom.".

2)Young women can date older men, and it’s frowned upon, but unless you’re someone like Ashton Kutcher, it’s looked at differently if young men date older women.

3)Woman can dress in pants, suits, athletic clothes, but let one man try wearing a soft and frilly dress in public and he is labeled a "cross dresser" like it’s a bad thing.

4)Men really have no scientifically documented hormonal issues on which to blame anything.

5)Women can drink beer, whiskey, bourbon, and etc. without a second glance, but let a man drink something pink and frothy, and well once again he’s labeled as if it’s a bad thing.

6)Woman can live together and be best friends, but if grown men do this their suspected of something or joked about. Look at Bert and Ernie.

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  1. While Caucasian females are included in the category of minority in consideration for jobs because they have supposedly been not given equal oppotunities, Caucasian males are excluded from any such category.  Yet, recent reports show that more males have been laid off in this "Recession"/depression than women.
  2. Statistics show that males are at a disadvantage in being hired for government jobs.
  3. Male children are expected to be good in math.
  4. Males are expected to be inwardly stronger than females.
  5. In divorces, child custody usually is awarded to the mothers.
  6. Male-bashing is acceptable on television, etc.
  7. Males, on the average, die younger than females.
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I hope you mean disadvantages of being a human male.  If not, this is going to sound silly.  It should be pretty amusing to see how this comes out!

  1. As a teenager, at least, you feel like the deck is stacked against you in terms of romance.  Girls can generally, it feels like, have a boyfriend if they want one.  Guys can't (have a girlfriend that is) because girls are picky.
  2. You have to act tough no matter what your real attitudes are.  You get made fun of too much if you don't act like a "real man."  (That's as a teenager.)
  3. As an adult, there is more pressure on you to have a good job -- we still have the attitude that men should be the breadwinner whereas it's okay for a woman to stay home or to have a lower-paying job.
  4. But even with #3, men are expected to help with housework nowadays.
  5. Male pattern baldness.  LOL  So glad I don't have it.
  6. This is sort of related to #2, but it's not so acceptable to express emotion to other men, like your father, for example.

Please don't take this to mean that I think men have it worse than women or that there aren't rebuttals to these points!!

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