What are Silas Marner's three distinct character traits?

Silas Marner's three distinct character traits are his simplicity, honesty, and kindness. All of these characteristics are brought out by little Eppie, who restores Silas's faith in humanity.

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Though Silas Marner might come across as a bit of an antisocial oddball to his neighbors in Raveloe, in actual fact, he's a kind, decent man who's been wronged by society. Falsely accused of theft in Lantern Yard, the religious community in which he was raised, Silas can be forgiven for not wanting to be around people. But beneath his strange exterior beats the heart of a good man with a seemingly limitless capacity for lovingkindness.

But it takes a special kind of person to bring out all Silas's best qualities. And that special person is little Eppie. Once she enters into Silas's life, he feels able to display his simplicity, his honesty, and his kindness without worrying what other people will think of him. In other words, with Eppie in his life, Silas can be himself.

Silas lives a very simple lifestyle, working away at his loom all day. He's also an honest man, which is why the false accusation made against him back in Lantern Yard is so outrageous. For good measure, he's a very kind man, as can be seen by the love he lavishes on little Eppie. To be sure, all of these characteristics were always there, but the townsfolk of Raveloe were so suspicious and distrustful of Silas that they were never able to see them.

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