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The Other Side of Truth was written by Beverly Naidoo. It is a story about two Nigerian children who travel to London as refugees after their mother is murdered. Their father wrote critically about Nigeria's leaders, which led to retaliation against the family. Sade is one of the Nigerian refugee children caught up in the drama of the story.

Sade is very prudent. For instance, at the airport, Femi, the other child, wants to run away, but Sade makes him stay. She tells him the police will arrest their father if they are reported as missing. Femi listens and obeys.

Sade is also resourceful. Sade figures out how to take the bus to the London College of Art, where their Uncle works. She and Femi bought a bus ticket to get there.

Sade is also courageous. At school, some of the female students tell Sade not to do her homework, but she decides to stand up to the bullies. She does her work in spite of the bullies's demands.

Sade is also clever. She formed a plan to help her father get released. After traveling through London alone, Sade and Femi arrive at a news building. They speak to a newscaster and tell him their story. One night, the newscaster gives a short report about their father. This makes many people aware of his case. When Sade and Femi visit him, they see protesters outside demanding his release.

Those are just a few examples of Sade's character. Overall, she is a wonderful, talented, and caring girl in the story. The story is fictional, but it is based on the political history and current affairs of Nigeria and the attitudes and beliefs of people in London. There is a vivid realism to the plot. Sade's characteristics alone contribute considerably to the plot's interesting and eventful qualities.

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