What are quotes from Victor about revenge in volume 3, chapters 5 and 6?

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In volume 3, chapter 5, Victor is more plagued by guilt and anxiety than vengeance. He is still reeling from the double-death of William (murdered by the Creature) and Justine (hanged for the Creature's crime). He fears the Creature plans to kill him on his wedding night and arms himself with all manner of weapons to protect himself from the Creature's homicidal intentions. However, the chapter ends with Victor hopeful that his marriage to Elizabeth will grant him some relief from his inner demons.

However, in chapter 6, the Creature kills Elizabeth, driving Victor to despair and then rage. Here, Shelley doles out some revenge-focused lines, such as the following passage:

But liberty had been a useless gift to me had I not, as I awakened to reason, at the same time awakened...

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