What are main arguments in Shirley Lew's "Creating a path to feminist leadership" and Kathryn Fishman-Weaver's "A Call to Praxis: Using Gendered Organizational Theory to Center Radical Hope in Schools"? How do they relate to current leadership positions of women in media?

The main arguments in Kathryn Fishman-Weaver’s article focus on gendered organizational theory. The main arguments in Shirley Lew’s article link to the difficulties of applying feminism to real-life leadership duties.

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The main arguments in Kathryn Fishman-Weaver’s academic article “A Call to Praxis” revolve around the idea of gendered organizational theory. Weaver contends that this theory provides an effective framework for schools and school districts to be more equal, inclusive, and hopeful.

In her article, Fishman-Weaver summarizes the main iterations of feminism: liberal feminism, radical feminism, and postmodern feminism. Fishman-Weaver claims that gendered organizational theory brings all three strands of feminism together. Gendered organizational theory relies on liberal feminism to modify policies from within the system, radical feminism to come up with entirely new systems, and postmodern feminism for sustained critique.

According to Fishman-Weaver, gendered organizational theory needs to be continuously studied, taught in graduate programs, and implemented in actual schools. She claims this theory gives schools the best chance to produce an equitable environment.

In Shirley Lew’s article “Creating a path to feminist leadership,” she seems to argue that feminist narratives aren’t as neat and tidy as they’re sometimes portrayed. She argues that there’s myriad pratfalls and contradictions when applying feminist theory to real-life leadership duties. She contents a feminist leader should constantly apply critical reflection and evaluation.

As for how these two articles relate to leadership positions for women in media, think about how feminist movements like #MeToo have changed the framework of media organizations and created more leadership positions for women. Consider why leadership roles tend to leave out women with different skin colors and socioeconomic backgrounds and how Lew or Fishman-Weaver might address such exclusions.

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