What are Kate's responsibilities in All My Sons?

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Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons is the story of the Keller family, which includes the parents—Joe and Kate—and their two sons Chris and Larry. The play is set immediately post-World War II, and Larry has died in the war. The drama revolves around Joe’s growing realization that his actions during the war, when he shipped engine parts that were defective, contributed to the death of his own son—who essentially killed himself during a mission—and many other young soldiers. Joe eventually realizes that these boys were “all my sons.”

Kate’s role is to be the mother in the family. In other words, her responsibilities are to nurture and care for her husband and sons. In Miller’s stage direction notes, Kate is described as “Mother.” She is also painted as an extremely intelligent character who can be manipulative. For instance, she is unhappy about Chris's growing relationship with Ann, who was her dead son Larry's...

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